Essay about High School Is The Right Choice

1034 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
The unquestionable next step after high school is to attend college, but is it really the best option teenagers have? Why would young students and their parents invest tens of thousands of dollars on a college education instead of attempting to start a business or make investments in real-estate or the stock market. For many, if not most, college is the right move. Students who are brilliant in the fundamental subjects like science, math, and english and who have a true passion for what they are learning about are meant to be in college. But for those who are lost and confused as to what they want to do with their lives even after a couple of semesters, perhaps college is not the right choice.

It is definitely riskier to jump into entrepreneurship with no promise of a stable position and steady income, but as hard as it is to create a successful business, college is not always the definitive choice for some young adults. We can all agree that education being an everlasting basic principle that people need to pursue, but is a college education worth the sacrifice of missing opportunities to get job or internship experience or launch a new business. This is a question of wether it is better to learn in the classroom from other peoples mistakes or to learn from your own once you actually try to get experience in whatever field. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are three of the biggest names to drop out of college. These extremely successful people chose…

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