Essay on High School Is The Most Stressful Times

1549 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
High school is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. People are going through puberty, making new friends and dealing with drama, but there is one aspect of a person’s time in high school that contributes the most stress, college. During the four years of high school, adolescents are pressured by their parents and teachers to get into a good college you need good grades, but all of them fail to mention the cost of a higher education. The average cost of four year college is about $24,061 a year and at a total cost of $96,244 for just the tuition (Fillion, 2016). That’s a big debt to agree to for a person at such a young age. Most adolescents are still developing their cognitive and rational thinking and it is an overwhelming pressure to put on the but is the pressure of getting into a good college and debt that comes with it worth it all for someone. Well in today’s economy a higher education post high school is needed to live a sustainable life. Whether it’s going to a four-year university or going straight into the work force and obtaining some kind of trade or skill, it is critical to one 's financial life and to their future family to have a higher education. Not only does obtaining a higher education benefit them financially, but it also benefits an individuals overall well being, as people who have a higher education live longer and have a stronger mind. Finally, it is important to an individual to have a higher education, but it is also creates a…

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