High School Education Is Important Essay

1083 Words Apr 21st, 2016 5 Pages
The majority of Americans feel there is value in a college education, so much so, that even Americans without a college degree believe that post high school education is important. The most recent Gallup poll indicates that 25% of all college graduates in the U.S. fail to thrive in their overall careers (Busteed). Students and parents making their college decision should not be swayed solely on the prestige of the high costs institutions, but rather the quality of education students will receive. This poll also revealed that “graduates with higher amounts of student loan debt are less likely to be thriving in their overall well-being after college” (Busteed). Tuition and fees at public colleges soared a record to 14 percent this year, continuing a trend of the high and ever increasing cost of higher education. The cost of college has increased faster than inflation, and the cost of attending a private school jumped to $26,854, far beyond the reach of most American families (Price). The topic of the affordability of obtaining higher education has been debated over the course of this election season. Free college has become one of the most talked about policy proposals and many skeptics have debated its efficacy. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has shocked the American people with his belief that tuition and the cost of living at public colleges and universities should be free. This notion of free tuition at public colleges and universities has both excited and upset voters,…

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