Essay on High School College Is The Library

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Throughout the duration of this course at Jefferson College, I have learned a lot about how to be and become an organized, engaged, and well-adjusted college student. The lessons of this class have provided me with valuable resources and information that will help me on my path to success in my college education. We have learned a diverse range of essential college basics, such as classroom etiquette, note-taking strategies, advice on overcoming common academic roadblocks like procrastination, and tutorials on how to effectively utilize campus resources such as the library. These tools given to us will make the transition from a high school to college environment a much smoother experience.
One of the most indispensable resources that we have access to as students at Jefferson College is the library. I have chosen this resource because both the physical, on-campus library and the online component are valuable sources of information and academic assistance. At the on-campus library, you can find a quiet place to focus, study, or relax with a book, and the librarians are also there for any questions you may have regarding the location of a needed item, and they can also provide help with homework or research you are conducting. The online component of this resource allows you to find almost any book you could be looking for just by typing a keyword, the title, or the author’s name into the search bar. Even if the item is not available in the Archway catalog of Jefferson…

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