Health Care Administrator Collaboration Essay example

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Must of the health care Administrator who we interviewed concentrate in their Vision to be the must trusted leader in health care and they wish to give high quality health services in their Mission. They agree that empowered leaders are Key to organization development who focus in their role on teaching, inspiring confidence, empowering, improving performance, rewarding and recognizing individual contributions, recognizing individual contributions,recognizing the needs of services from clinical based environment, leading and developing services, support and developing national agreed initiatives or governments initiatives. The leader required to have the following skills to achieves above roles:
- The
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As the manager role focus on the work within an organization, planning and budgeting, improve and maintaining quality of the organization work, obtaining funding, recruiting and developing employees and so on while the physician nursing and allied health worker they concentrate on the patient's health care, improving and developing health care services so all of they should know how can they communicate in a professional way to advance health care and medicine in their organization, and how can they create a healthy environment to make the people love the day to day job and how can they improve and enhance their culture to make both the worker and the patients happy and satisfied with organization services. So important in any health care organization to have a clear quality measures that can be evaluated each times and they should have feedback and criticism from the people working within the hospital or who is getting services from the organization to get the best outcome and high quality work.
Teamwork has many advantages some of it as follow: * Improved communication and partnership among health providers and patients * Clarity on the role of all health providers * Better response processes in addressing the determinants of health * Improved coordination of healthcare services * High levels of satisfaction on the delivery of services * Effective use of health resources
And to achieve above advantages we

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