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Chapter 15: Parenting in Divorced Families and Remarried Families
Chapter Outline
• Know three reasons men and women want a divorce o Communication problems o Not compatible o Unhappiness The Grief Process
• Know the seven bullet points of how Emergy suggests parents manage their own anger o Accepting all their feeling about the divorce, writing about them or talking to friends or a therapist about them o Not responding to partners’ provocations o Maintaining a neutral, business-like approach to solcing problems, speaking only briefly o Deciding to focus on the most important issues and letting unimportant issues go o Being pleasant and emotionally neutral with spouse or partner when in the presence of the
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ers—what benefits did they see among the children o Children were happier because stepfathers too had children in other households that they wanted more time with

Chapter 16: Parenting in Lesbian and Gay Families
• Know whether these legal protections are unique to gay families—hint: look in the Power Point lecture o Canada, Norway, South Africam Spain, and the Netherland have passed legislation that enables same-sex marriage o In the US: DC, and 9 states have passed legislation that enables same-sex marriage o Current federal legislation restricts marriage to nly opposire sex couples o Lose out on psychological benefits, material benefits, material benefits, o Creates more stress in the family o Creates an environment that may be more social disapproving climate
• Know whether American children from lesbian families report more or less teasing from peers when compared to the Netherlands which has legalized same-sex marriage o A DECISION TO PARENT AND PATHWAYS TO PARENTHOOD Reasons for Having Children
• Know reasons why gay males have children o Both psychological and personal benefits o Form a family o Personal security Pathways to Parenthood
• Know the various ways lesbian/gay parents can have children—hint: look in the Power Point lecture o Heterosexual sex with a friend of past heterosexual relationship/marriage o Alternative insemination with donor sperm o Advanced assisted repofocutve

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