Harassment, Discrimination, Or Bullying? You Decide?

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During this last semester, I was introduced to diversity in workplace from a different, more in-depth angle which I was familiar with earlier but never really had thought about certain topics; such as discrimination not only based on the color and race but also based on age and gender. This class Understanding and Managing Diversity helped me gained a better understanding of diversity topics and issues. Through this class, I learned that diversity as a whole just does not encompass among other sections such as race, ethnicity, religion but it also includes sections such as discrimination based on age, sex, gender identity, and transgenderism, gay and lesbian discrimination in the work place.
As much as I have been identified to these current
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You Decide… written by Andra Gumbus where Joy Patterson was given two options of either accepting termination or choosing resignation. After reading and analyzing the whole case, one is left to wonder, why was Joy Patterson given these two choices? Joy Patterson was a highly skilled professional with 30 years of successful experience, yet, Joy Patterson was given two choices of either accepting termination or choosing resignation. Why? The case of Harassment, Discrimination, or Bullying? You Decide… clearly depicts discrimination against Joy Patterson chiefly because she was a 60 years old female with strong credentials. If Joy Patterson also had achieved her position through a strong network like Joe Bradley, there are high chances that Joy Patterson would not have faced humiliation and given such options to choose from. This case really helped me realize that such partiality does exist at work places. Sometimes, unfortunately, no matter how strong your credentials are or how hard you work will not really matter, but who you know will matter to get and keep a position at any workplace. Had Joy Patterson reached out to HR and had followed HR rules and regulations to file a complaint against her manager, Joy would most likely have a …show more content…
Even though, I myself have faced discrimination, harassment, bullying and have felt unprivileged many a times due to the color of my skin, I never realized that diversity would be a subject and a topic of discussion that today’s businesses, and organizations would actually need to include it in their missions and principles and require training classes for all the employees so all the employees including the employees from diverse background would be treated equally and fairly at workplace. I always thought that diversity would be a natural or more of an innate, deeply rooted characteristics of the organization’s and business’s culture. Not really a topic that would need to be taught on how to accept, be fair, and be equal to other employees or people different from you. One of the other things that I have learned that some of the transgender people go through the process of transgender because they actually feel different compared to what they are born into. Unlike some other transgender people who go through the process just for all the unethical and immoral

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