Happiness Is The Spiritual Experience Of Living Every Minute With Love

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Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude-Denis Waitley

The practice of gratitude is not new; it is one of deep innate soul wisdom passed down through the ages and the glue that sustains the best of society and our connection with others. If gratitude is a state of being that is essential to a good life, why then, do we not cultivate and express it on a daily basis? Perhaps the reason we do not make gratitude a part of our daily lives is that the fast pace and multiple distractions of life have made it all too easy to forget the importance of gratitude.

The self-help shelves in any bookstore are lined with books on gratitude; memes abound on social media stating the likes of ‘an attitude of gratitude ' or ‘if you want to find happiness be grateful '. That 's great on the surface and feels good when we are thankful for the blessings when life is going well. However, how do you tell someone that has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, someone that has been betrayed by a partner, someone that has lost a child or someone that loses their job to be grateful in the moment when the pain they are feeling is overwhelming? Where are the blessings in our suffering?

In today 's world, many are looking for the quick fixes to take away the hurt, overwhelm, anxiety or confusion. New ‘gurus ' emerge claiming to have ‘the secret ' to help fix your life, often many not being sustainable. So, what 's missing?

A quick fix…

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