Gun Laws Should Be Stricter Gun Control Essay

800 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
In America there practically is a mass shooting every day according to a mass shooting tracker. Where more than four people die in one incident. This is not even taking into account the number of accidents and gun related violence that result in the death of less than four people. America cannot go on like this. The very things we buy to protects ourselves are the things that our killing us. While I do not believe we should completely get rid of guns, I think there should be tight restrictions on who is able to own a gun.
I believe only game hunters and our military should have the right to own guns and they should only be able to get them if they pass things such as a mental stability test. I know people want to be able to defend themselves but we’ve proven that we are unable to control ourselves when it comes to weapons. Without guns the police will have to work harder and not rely on their guns to solve every small issue they run across. Recently the police have been involved in way too many gun crimes, and they will not get any punishment for their actions because they are in a position of power We have gotten to a point that we need to take it upon ourselves to try to lesson our death rates at the hands of police, and I believe that taking away their and our guns will force us to try to speak to each other to solve a problem instead of immediately reaching for the fast and fatal solution. Having these strict gun control laws will reduce our crime levels tremendously…

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