Gun Control Of The United States Essay

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In her Op-Ed Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns, Molly Ivins expresses her opinion on gun regulation in the United States. She asserts that the Second Amendment is misunderstood (Ivins 324), and infers that this inhibits the improvement of stricter gun laws. Ivins feels that people who are permitted to possess guns should at least be well trained and have a lot of discipline because guns are very powerful. People who want to own guns, she feels, are obsessed with having the power to kill and she proposes to completely ban guns from the citizens of the United States. While it is true that anyone in the possession of a gun should have competent training and respect for the weapon, representatives of the people and the United States as a collective body should not discourage law abiding citizens from owning guns and instead encourage them to be prepared to defend themselves and others because improving the nation’s morals and giving them an education and example of respect towards guns is what will make our country a safer place overall. Ivins’ first main point in her article is that she agrees with the Second Amendment and it clearly states that “…guns are for those that are a part of a well-regulated militia, that is, the armed forces, including the National Guard.” (324). She supports her claim by quoting in full the amendment (323) and noting that unregulated citizens possessing guns are not a part of this militia. Ivins infers that people who interpret this text…

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