Gun Control Of The United States Essay examples

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In our country, there is a constant fear of safety, whether it is at home, work, school, or even at a church. Gun control has become an issue of controversy all throughout the years and is still a huge problem today. Many believe that under the second amendment every American citizen has the right to own a gun for protective purposes; although this is true, it is not an unlimited right to own a gun and carry it near sensitive places such as schools or government buildings. There have been multiple events where the misuse of fire arms has caused the loss of many innocent lives. Although firearms can be used as protection or self-defense there needs to be stricter gun control laws enacted in the process of purchasing and storing guns, due to tragic events such as the Sandy Hook School shooting and the Charleston Church shooting. When legally purchasing a gun in the United States, one must go through the process of a background check. Many believe that by having this background check it makes buying guns more secure. This is true because the background check asks specific questions about any past conviction of misdemeanors, domestic violence, unlawful use of drugs, or if one has ever been committed to a mental institution (This is how Easy it is to Buy Guns in America). If any applicant has ever had any of these defaults, then they will be denied of any purchase. This is a good thing because it does not allow anyone with past issues to buy a gun. The problem here is that…

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