Gun Control Laws Should Be Legal Essay

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Gun Control
While many believe it goes against American’s Second Amendment right to bear arms our number one concern should be to reduce gun violence. Gun related violence happens more often than not with legally owned guns, most mass shootings that take place in the United States have been with legally owned guns and Americans are against new gun control laws because of a misconception of today’s gun laws and what federal or state gun laws are actually in place. Other countries that have stricter gun control laws also have lower gun related deaths each year. Before we can choose if we are for or against new gun control laws we must first educate ourselves on the gun control laws that are already in place and the ones that we believe are already in place but are not.
A large number of Americans have a misconception on gun laws that already exist. According to Aronow the American public supports strong gun control laws but many of these people believe they are already in affect so they do not support new gun legislation. The Brady Act is a law that requires all persons purchasing a firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer to have a background check completed prior to being allowed to purchase a firearm. What the Brady Act does not cover is firearms sold by private dealers. 77% of Americans want universal background checks but only 54% agreed that they wanted new gun legislation (Aronow). This shows that although a large number of Americans think universal background…

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