Gun Control Effect On Crime

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What effects do gun control laws have on the gun crime rate? In my opinion, gun control laws are no effect on crime rate. First reason in why crime rate isn’t effect by the gun control law is because majority of the criminals do not worry about any laws including gun control. Next, the black market for guns will always be able to sell guns so therefore guns will always be a limitless supply for criminals. My last reason is that criminals would not buy guns if they required background checks for purchasing a weapon simply because they wouldn’t want to end up in jail just for making a purchase on a weapon. All in all, gun control laws do not have much of an effect on crime rate because criminals do not care about laws, the black market will always …show more content…
If criminals would just abide by the rules and regulations like everyone else in society, then the government would not have to worry about such laws being passed because gun purchases would only be legal actions instead of being illegal. Therefore, the world would be in a much safer place. Criminals only care about one thing and that’s stealing money for drugs. Today’s generation mostly consist of certain types of people only wanting the easy way out, whether or not that easy way is being a criminal or just being a homeless person. If the government could just eliminate the sources that are feeding all the criminals with such weapons then society would be in a much safer and more comfortable place to raise children and start families. For the most part, gun control laws do not effect criminals because most criminals are smart and know how to “play the system” (meaning the government and law enforcement), to get the weapons that they need to cause such

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