Gun Control: Changes To Help Cause Less Crime?

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Gun control is a leading issue in today’s world and should be changed to help cause less crime. The United States has thirty thousand deaths each year because of guns. A good portion of these deaths are a result of illegal transactions of guns sold on the streets to criminals. Guns need to be tracked to whom or what organization owns them, as well as who may use and purchase a gun. To control this issue, guns should be traced and only sold by licensed vendors, in order to prevent guns from being bought by criminals. Background checks should also come into play when purchasing the gun to ensure the man or woman obtaining the gun has not been or have a history of committing serious crimes. These would cause guns to cause less crime and make the U.S. an overall better place. …show more content…
The second amendment, right to bear arms, was originally referring to a well regulated militia, not everyday people. Another problem with the second amendment is the type of guns that would have been used regarding the second amendment, for example, a fully automatic rifle is much more dangerous than a single shot muzzle loading rifle. Guns kill 30,000 people in the United States each year and a majority of this is people unfit to use a weapon killing others. Even though there have been many attempts to control the firearms in the U.S. if does not always work. For example, the Federal Weapon Assault Ban banned nineteen models of semi automatic weapons and military features, as well as large capacity magazines. This ban would have been good to prevent people from using highly dangerous weapons which could be used to endanger others. This ban expired and was not renewed, due to congress not renewing it, and thus has no effect. Many people are being killed due to faulty laws and people who are either unfit to own a gun, or a criminal, and this needs to come to an

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