Gun Control And The Second Amendment Essay

1292 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
firearms were first created there was problems with regulations and crimes involving guns, and these numbers keep raising as more guns are produced and sold legally and illegally. The problem started when people were using guns for the purpose of malice rather than defending themselves, leaving the people in fear of being threatened, assaulted, robbed, or murdered. Nowadays we have many laws that defend the proper use and ownership of guns, but most of these laws have loopholes or are not enforced. However, there is many people who oppose the control on guns, they argue that the second amendment protects their right of ownership but not everyone sees it this way. I believe there should be more gun control, background checks, and programs to promote awareness and safe practice in order to keep our country safe and exercise our second amendment. As years have passed since the creation of firearms, more guns have been produced and accumulated all over the world, but each country has its own ways of gun control so the number of crimes with guns varies per country. In the United States there is an estimation of more than 250 million guns legally and illegally owned, with almost 400,000 crimes involving firearms and roughly 30,000 deaths annually, the US is one of the countries with the most gun violence in comparison to other developed countries ("Stronger" Internet). Since the country was created, the citizens had the right to bear arms "The words used in the Second Amendment…

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