Essay Gun Control And The Gun Laws

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For many years there has been a growing controversy between two sides. The side that wants to take away our right to have firearms and those that want to keep our rights in place. Because of this, gun violence in the US varies from state to state, depending on current gun laws for each individual state. States with the toughest gun laws are the states with the highest crime rates because of a victim inability to protect themselves. One must also remember that Criminals will always have guns and that safe zones are only safe for criminals. Achieving a delicate balance between owning guns and criminals having guns is definitely a challenge.
A victim’s inability to protect themselves or the one’s they love, will always be an issue with certain gun laws. Laws which restrict a law abiding citizen’s ability to protect themselves would leave them wide open for an attack. We have seen these stories in the news day after day. McDowall states, “Restrictions on carrying concealed weapons are among the most common gun control policies.” “These statutes limit who may have a deadly weapon-usually a handgun- hidden on their person when outside the home.” (193). On a daily basis, you can see reports of shootings and robberies. It’s becoming more and more common and even more dangerous, especially for children. To change things, we must allow law abiding citizens to have and carry weapons. Gun control could only work by keeping them out of the hands of criminals.
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