The Power And Power Of Gun Control In America

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Gun Control

For decades the government has had gun control laws set for those who purchase guns.

They wanted to keep guns out of convicted felons’ hands, as well as mental illness patients. As

the percent increased with murder by guns, the stricter they wanted to get for all gun owners.

Most Americans do not believe that all Americans’ should have to pay for what some allow

themselves to do. The government and some citizens is blaming guns for all the murder charges

percent increasing in America. Gun control is needed, because it provides American citizens

with freedom, protection, and power.

Freedom is a part of American citizens’ pride, and the reason why so many people enjoy

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Gun control law gives people the ability and power to decide on their own,

when to fire a gun and then deal with the consequences of their action afterwards. They should

be responsible enough to know the difference between protection and the abuse to the rights of

America. Half of America in the 20th century has not learned the power and danger of a firearm.

Most purchase guns and never learn the laws of carrying a concealed weapon. People of

America needs gun for the power of themselves, not the power of what it does to people. They

need to be able to control their power and rights to bear arms responsibly and also should

control the power that their guns have to put out and do not take advantage of the rights that they

have in America.

The only way American citizens’ will have freedom, protection, and power is if they are

able to keep the gun control laws going. They have earned their rights to bear arms and it

should not be taken away from those who are responsible with their guns. People should be

raised and taught better as a child, then they will know why there should be laws pertaining

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