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Gun Control: Is There Such a Thing? Guns and gun control have always been a topic that separates our country into groups of opposing views on the matter. Many Americans feel as though stricter gun laws and regulations on the sale of guns will decrease the amount of gun violence. While others believe, such laws and regulations would be a violation to their second amendment right to bear arms. They also believe gun violence is more of a mental health issue than it is a “gun” issue. Stricter laws would spark an increase in illegal gun sales and some people show no signs of mental illness before carrying out gun violence, which leads to the question: Is there really such a thing as “gun control”?
A massacre took place in Dunblane, Scotland in
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It seems as if the National Rifle Society’s (NRA) focuses more on the rights of gun owners and not the safety of citizens. However, the information gathered through my research has proven that there is really no specific way to successfully control guns. Those with the intent to commit crimes will ultimately find a way to do so, and those with mental health issues may show no signs of mental illness prior to legally purchasing a weapon. We cannot predict that a person will become depressed enough to take their own life, or act off impulse and shoot someone in a state of rage. Although I do not feel we can successfully implement “gun control”, I do feel stricter laws can decrease the amount of fatalities due to guns. We should do as much as we can to make our citizens feel as safe as possible. Yes, we have a right to protect ourselves and our families, however, we also have the right to feel that we can safely go to a school, movie theater, mall, or public place and not fear that someone will enter with a military style weapon and kill or harm us. There is a middle ground between standing up for the rights of gun owners, and protecting innocent citizens. My hope is that we somehow find this middle ground and take the issue more seriously. No, there is no such thing as “gun control”, however there is such a thing as controlling guns as much as

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