Laws For Gun Control

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Are The Laws For Gun Control Sufficient Or Should There Be More?
Guns have been widely used by the militant groups, robbers and some public-citizens as well. The question about the laws controlling the guns dissemination in the society is debatable. The guns are spreading at a very fast pace and many individuals have access to this illegal tool. Many individuals are involved in street crimes and they use guns in the crimes. Some people argue that they possess the guns for safety purposes. Although there are licenses as well which the individual has to acquire to possess a gun however there are many illegal guns as well possessed by the individuals especially those individuals who are involved in crimes. This paper would overview the impacts
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The impacts of the gun possession are also very causing severe distress among the citizens of United States. The thieves and robbers are using guns in their robbing and incidents have been reported that they shoot the person as well. The thieves and robbers have access to guns because the gun control laws are not effective at all. This has become a large concern for the public that the gun violence is increasing in the society. Goons have emerged in the society and the have guns as well. As a result, there are often observed many incidents in which a person shot another person in a social gathering or in a street violent incident (Wing …show more content…
society. This is because the individuals, who carry guns in order to avoid harmful consequences of a sudden robbery or theft, can risk the life of others as well. This is same as possessing a violent device for the sake of averting violence. The argument itself has contradiction in it. That is, if a person is carrying a gun in order to avoid the possibility of being shot by gun possessed by other, it will be a contradictory justification for gun-possession as the individual who carries gun can also become the source of gun-violence (Winkler 2011). No law can justify violence for the sake of averting any violence activity. Therefore, the policy of arming everyone in the state is not good for peace building and safety of

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