Essay on Guerilla Marketing

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Guerilla marketing


1. Definiton

2. Meaning

3. Principles of guerilla marketing

4. Tools

5. Advantages of guerilla marketing

6. Examples


The term "guerrilla marketing" was first used by Jay Conrad Levinson in his popular 1984 book, Guerrilla Marketing. In it, he describes this method of marketing as nontraditional, low-cost or no-cost ways of marketing, promoting, advertising, publicizing, etc. Some have called it unconventional marketing; some have called it extreme marketing; still others have even used the term stealth marketing. And all of these apply in the sense that the tactics are nontraditional and low- or no-cost.

Guerrilla marketing has a major profit orientation and emphasis.
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* Guerrilla marketing is primarily based on human psychology and not on experience, judgment, and guesswork.
* Money is not the primary investment in guerrilla marketing; the basic requirements are time, energy, and imagination.
* In guerrilla marketing, sales is not the primary statistic to measure a business; amount of profit is the primary statistic.
* Guerrilla marketing is not to sell diverse products and services; a marketer must create a standard of excellence with an acute focus.
* Guerrilla marketing is less about getting new customers and more about getting more referrals, more transactions with existing customers, and larger transactions.
* Competition is not the key in guerrilla marketing, instead it suggests cooperating with other businesses and grab benefit.
* In guerrilla marketing, a combination of marketing methods should be used for a campaign.
* In guerrilla marketing, current technology is used as a tool to empower a business.

Guerilla marketing instruments:
Over the years Guerilla Marketing has developed and created many forms, so called weapons.These weapons should support the root philosophy of Guerilla Marketing which entailscreative, witty inspiration. As we know Guerilla Marketing is a dynamic way to create brandawareness. Done with simple tools those actions should be spectacular and clever to catch theattention of a certain target group.
To get an overall picture of

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