Nike Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing Strategy
According to the analysis and evaluation of current Nike’s status in the market, the corporation is at maturity stage and the brand awareness of Jordan Brand is strong. In this stage, there are more rivals from new entrants and existent entries. Hence, to defend the market share and broadening product life cycle, Jordan Brand expects to establish channel differentiation and enhance its reputation to capture more loyalty consumers in the world.

Product Strategy
The Jordan Brand shoes will be sold with the total characteristic described in the Product Review Section. To maintain the variety of the shoes for satisfying different customers, the products will keep upgrading with differences, dynamics, and personalities. Nowadays,
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The strengths of Nike’s primary marketing distribution are that it will combine several levels of marketing channels. In other words, the company will have direct and indirect distributions in the market. Nike places a vital emphasis on the direct to customer growth channel. The company has its own retail store, called Nike factory, so it can sell the Jordan Brand shoes direct to customers, which provides the convenient service in effective way. In addition, by utilizing its official selling website, global customers have access to order the products online as well. The direct to customer channel has no intermediaries share the profits, most direct distribution channels tend to have higher rates of profit than indirect distribution channels, and web-based selling has low overhead and gives the products a potentially global reach. Additionally, Nike will also sell the shoes through intermediaries, and it expects to use selective distribution with well-known e-stores and the sporting equipment retail stores, which means the producer relies on a few intermediaries to carry their products. It will coordinate the efforts of several of vendors, the retailers ranging from stores, such as Foot Locker, to online seller, such as Zappos, and advertising agencies and other marketing service corporations that will work together to …show more content…
The Jordan Brand will contain location-based services by Foursquare and Facebook to navigate customers to the nearest retail stores.
• Commercial featuring Celebrities: Since some new generation may not realize the leverage of Michael Jordan, to minimize the risk of this situation, Jordan Brand will need to make endorsement deal with high-profile athletes, such as LeBron James and Roger Federer. They can advertise the brand as spokesman or participate in creation. Thus, consumers will be motivated to imitate the behavior of those celebrities.
• Event marketing: Jordan Brand will dispose teams by using targeted high-impact marketing to distribute the products at high-profile sporting events, such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games. It can increase the brand advocates through building closer relations with target consumers.

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