Adidas: Marketing Strategy In The Sports Industry

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Key Strategic Issue
Adidas brand has certain strategy to uplift its performance and maintain the sustainability of company in sports industry. One of the major strategy company has taken for its five-year business plan is Creating the New. This strategy focusses on Speed, Cities and open source. Sportswear industry is one of the growing industry. People are more conscious living a healthy and happy life where sports plays a major role. Adidas is a brand whose mission is to change people’s lives through sports. Adidas is having target to be one of the fast sports company to satisfy its consumer needs and also fast in its company internal decision- making. More cities are identified where Adidas wants to grow the share market and brand awareness
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Differentiation strategy would be one of the major strategy for Adidas to improve market through its technological advantages. This company has some of the strongest product research centres and development facilitates which are continuously focusing to create a new product in market. This will help company to focus on consumers more likely because of its unique innovative design.
Market penetration: Self-motivated and innovative advertising campaign to its existing product and market. Company focuses on the special price level of product and focus on the sponsoring for some major sport
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Creating more flexible supply chain and better customer service and distribution of product which will be efficient for customer to get the product.
-Operational level strategies Adidas should follow the dynamic marketing strategy which is subdivided into sales, promotion, distribution, Hr activities and pricing strategies for the authorized employees must be improved for a sustainable organization. Adidas is one of the leading company in sports industry whereas company is striving to accelerate its top-line growth and to win the significant market share in its market. Company can sustain in this sports industry because of its clear vision, mission and strategies for upcoming demands. Company has experienced some of the issues in its management strategies and this problem can be solved through product diversification, strengthening and expansion of market as the company is one of the leading industry in innovation towards sports

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