Nike Sustainability Analysis

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Environmental Sustainability of Nike, Inc.
John Pisacreta, Will Roberts, and Michael Thomson
Clark University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Management 170: Managerial Communications for the fall Semester of 2015.
Environmental Sustainability of Nike, Inc.
Nike’s Reputation Typically, Nike is portrayed in a negative light under the public eye for their labor practices, working conditions, and the sometimes questionable athletes they endorse. It is a popular practice for the public to condemn Nike for things that they can only assume to be true; the fact of the matter is that Nike remains exceptionally conscious of its corporate social responsibility, and it strives to better itself as a company in various areas.
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These goals were decided upon when Nike contracted Bluesign, a company that aims to eliminate any harmful substances involved in the industrial product manufacturing. Subsequently, Nike and Bluesign were able to create over 30,000 new, environmentally friendly materials to utilize in the manufacturing process. Nike surpassed the goal it set for water reduction; the objective was to reduce its water usage by 15% by 2015, and in 2013 they had reduced 23% of its water. Nike is currently well on its way to achieve the goal for carbon dioxide reduction as well. In 2011 the company set a goal of 20% reduction by the end of 2015; by the end of 2013 they had reduced 13% of their carbon dioxide usage (Innovation in Textiles, 2014). The statistics indicate that Nike is steadily progressing to one day surpass these goals and reduce their environmental footprint as much as …show more content…
In the world of technology, people can be highly aware of things happening all the way across the world. This is why Vice President of Sustainable Business and Innovation, Hannah Jones states: “We can’t just be less bad” (Balch, 2012). To some degree, this encapsulates Nike’s former approach to CSR – as long as they were not doing the least, they did not have to do the most. Recently however, Nike has taken concrete steps toward devoting more time to and improving this area of business.
Nike looks to maintain its competitive edge in the industry by researching and developing product innovations constantly. By allocating a great deal of resources into research and modifying their manufacturing techniques, they are able to do just this, as well as improve the company as a whole.

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