The Influence Of Sustainable Firm Behavior On Purchase Intention And Brand Image Case Study

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Topic: The influence of sustainable firm behavior on purchase intention and brand image.
Inquiry Questions:
• What is the consumers' perception of sustainability?
• Why brand image consider as a key in marketing strategy?
• What is the correlation between sustainable firm behavior, purchase intention and brand image?
• What are the factors or variables that has effect on purchase intention?
In today’s society, there is a growing interest in, and demand for sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), because there is more awareness that CSR activities are not only charitable nature, but also contribute to a positive and attractiveness image of the company. Sustainability is about how business takes account of its economic, social
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Brand image is the result of consumers' perception process. This process comes from the ideas, feelings and experiences of consumers of the services received from the company which these ideas, feelings and experiences are retrieved from their memory and form a mental image about the company ( (Aydin, S. & Ozer, G., 2005). Reviewing the previous studies, some studies argued that there is a direct and positive correlation between CSR and brand image. A company committed to economic development, ethics in the organization, supporting employees and their families, supporting non-profit groups and the supplying the needs of society, has a far better image in minds of society than other firms (Pomering, A. & Johnson, L. , 2009)Thus, companies which have more sustainable behavior have well positive image in the mind of the consumer. As a result, positive image leads to consumer satisfaction and loyalty towards the company's products or …show more content…
Products price, availability, performance and quality have the highest impetus on consumers’ intention to pay the green price premium. Previous research indicated a positive association between financial performance and CSR, this perspective used as basis for determining the relationship between CSR and purchase intention. A positive association exists between an organization’s involvement in CSR programs and consumers’ purchase intention. Thus, consumers are more likely to purchase an organization’s product if that organization is involved in socially responsible practices. Moreover, a good brand enhance customer recognition of the products. When a brand image is strong in a consumer's mind, the products can easily obtain greater attraction, thus a consumer buying spree could be triggered (Shamma, H. M., & Hassan, S. S., 2011). For example, a brand association, between the customers’ perceptions of a retailer sustainability practices and the customers’ brand attitudes towards the retailer corporate brand. The link goes beyond environmental management practices merely enhancing the quality of the merchandise. Finally, CSR increases revenues indirectly by stronger reputation of the company in the market and satisfied customers leading to greater purchasing power of the company

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