Essay on Graduation Speech : Plan Reductions

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Plan reductions:
We have many different products that we sell during the school year. The busiest time of the year for selling is our school homecoming. Homecoming influences students, parents or businesses to purchase articles of clothing with names and numbers that support the football players. One of the biggest sellers that we have at our school year-round is “The Crew” t-shirts. Our student section at the different sport activities are referred to as “The Crew” because it is related to our mascot, a pirate. Anyone can buy the t-shirts throughout the school year for $8.00 in the school office or our marketing classroom. However, during Homecoming we sell them for $7.50 to encourage more students to purchase them.
This year, we started using a kiosk to sell gear at sporting events. We sell items extra items we have made at reduced cost on the kiosk. There are not many extra items that are available for sale, but the ones that are there sell quickly. The kiosk is a new addition to this 2015-16 school year and has been a great asset in selling items at different functions.
We also discount the pricing of our products for school teams. If a Payette school sports team purchases a banner or spirit pack item from us, we charge them ten percent less than we would an outside customer. This encourages teams to purchase from us by rewarding their patronage.
Determine Stock Turnover:
We avoid overstocking and inadequate inventory by using previous order forms to determine the…

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