SWOT Analysis Of Cafe Berito

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Situated at the Victoria & Alfred Shopping mall (The V&A Water Front), Café Berito will be a unique restaurant offering the best Italian food in the Western Cape.
Café Berito’s mission:
• We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing a holistic & professional service, emphasising on high quality portions in our Italian atmosphere, through our professional, friendly and highly trained staff.
• We aim to maintain and be distinct in serving the best Italian food.
• We also aim to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the country by expanding and opening more restaurants in all South African major cities.
Café Berito will focus in offering delicious menus of large pizzas, pasta, meat, sides and desserts to its customers. We will
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Situation audit/SWOT analysis
Internal Environment
Strengths Weaknesses
• We have excellent and customer attentive staff that is highly trained.
• We offer high quality food which exceeds what the competitor offers in terms of price, presentation and quality.
• We have great retail space as we are located in the best bright, clean and upscale mall.
• We have strong relationships with our suppliers; they offer us good quality ingredients and are on time with deliveries. • We have a limited budget to develop brand awareness
• It is difficult to appear to be cutting edge as our location is.
• The cash flow of the business is limited to the resources of the owner and bank loan
• Generous employee benefits may create financial risk.
External Environment
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Meloncino is a very upscale Italian restaurant serving traditional Roman food which includes authentic Italian sauces, steak and sea food.
2. Balducci offers an unrivalled menu of simple, everyday home cooked Italian dishes that reflect the most traditional elements of food and culinary styles.

Environmental dynamics
A major concern for restaurants in South Africa is to contribute to sustainability. As we are part of the food system we need to use less energy and water. We also have to have to take responsibility of how our food is prepared and where it is coming from. Disposal of waste is very important because we will be operating close to the sea and Cape Town is an environmentally friendly city.

iii. Strategic Opportunities
1. As said, Cape Town experiences a high number of tourists visiting the city a great percentage of them never leave without visiting the V&A Waterfront. As the market attractiveness is high we can use this to increase the variety and assortment in our menu because there are more different people with more different tastes.
2. We can open a high quality bar within the restaurant to increase sales.
3. High quality restaurants in Cape Town are increasing and therefore more opportunities are arising, another Café Berito can be opened in Camps Bay and at Canal

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