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History and Background Born and raised in the little town of Greybull, Wyoming. My partner and I grew up on our family’s ranches. We were used to getting our hands dirty and doing things for ourselves. In high school, we took a sewing class. It wasn’t too long until we were sewing two old horse blankets together and making skirts out of them. Shortly after that all the girls at school were dying to have our beautiful creations. After graduating high school being 1st and 2nd in our class, we attended the International Academy of Design and Technology in Wyoming. Here we mastered our Rodeo design and came up with our signature item: putting our “Circus Rodeo” logo on the back of all our remastered pants. We also came up with the idea to take …show more content…
We will use these profits to fund future endeavours within the business such as buying new inventory and locations.

Products and Services Our signature design for our line of clothing will be taking donations of old clothing and taking clothes from Goodwill and styling them new. This will be the bulk of our business. We will also have signature orange sweatpants that have our logo on the backside. Another “only found at Circus Rodeo” item will be old Western band t-shirts. These items will get more and more popular and make us the most money.
Our products are original and special to the market because they have our amazing touch of Western Rodeo style and aside from our bulk sweatpants, every item of clothing is original.
Our industry is the fashion and clothing industry. Slowly but surely with our style and recycling clothes, we will take over the fashion industry.
We are located in our hometown, Greybull Wyoming, population 1,885. We have a huge target market of fashionable teenage Western girls. They are dying to be in the fashion loop and will spread the trends of Circus
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Overall, we feel like a partnership is the best option because it limits liability, optimizes creativity, and lessons our individual responsibility.

Management and Staffing We are both very qualified to run a refurbished fashion business. We have had a lifetime of experience since we grew up living on ranches where we refurbished clothing from a young age using old supplies around the house. Furthermore, we both have bachelor 's degrees in Fashion Design & Merchandising. We also have many natural skills that will help us manage the business. We are both good with money and saving, this is because we never had much money growing up so we know how to stretch a dollar. Also, we are innovative and creative which is what helped us come up with this idea. We do not plan on hiring anyone until we franchise. We will only allow franchisers who are also from small towns and who have hardworking family feels like we do.

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