Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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“I do not why this is so important to you, Joselyn. They are just over rated and have no talent,” my older sister said, and instead of retorting back, I bit my lip and looked out the window. The dry land passed by, and my anxiety increased by the second. I was a seventeen-year-old, and was going to attend my first concert. I kept repeating “it is not big deal, there will obviously be more girls than boys, since it was a boyband playing. I am bound to meet someone aren’t I?”
I was suffering from anxiety, especially because of my parents’ divorce, and the illness of a loved one. I isolated myself, and never returned my friends’ calls. I stopped playing videogames, and writing, my two favorite hobbies. Then our of nowhere, my mom told me she was able to pay the concert tickets, and I was in disbelief. Without a second thought, I said yes. ‘This was my chance to feel good, yell a bit, sing along to some tunes, and maybe meet some new friends’, I thought to myself.
The car ride was quiet, or maybe my mind was too loud. I kept thinking of everything that could go wrong. My mom tried to cheer me up a few times, by saying how I was going to my first concert, and even put some of their music, but gave up and just hummed to herself. However, the sign “Welcome to Houston” flashed in my face before lonf and I sighed in relief. The road seemed never-ending, but the usual traffic filed up at the entrance before taking the highway to the stadium, which was the signal that we were hitting…

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