Essay Graduation Speech On My Education

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"You can and you will go to college and I will help you make it happen." These words were spoke to me by my high school business teacher, Edward Betts. Mr. Bett 's was the most blunt, snarky, funniest, and outspoken man you would have ever met. He wasn 't just these things though, he was also the most helpful, caring, hardworking, and driven man I have ever met. He was one of the two teachers that have ever made an impact on my education from kindergarten to my senior year. The other teacher that made an impact on my education, was Mrs. Phillips. Mrs. Phillips was my kindergarten teacher and even though I was so young, we were so close. We stayed close up until I was a junior in high school. Both of these inspirational people, to me personally and I know I 'm not the only student, have passed away. These two people have impacted my life in ways that I never thought any teacher could, if I am being completely honest.
Edward Bett 's was our high school 's business teacher, although I couldn 't tell you one business lesson I learned from him. I met him my freshman year of high school after accidently running into his class because I thought I was late, not even realizing, his class was not the class I was suppose to be running in to that insane morning. I will never forget how straight-forward he was and how scared I was, also. "Listen freshman, you 've got the wrong class. I know you little rats are all running around like chicken with your heads cut off, but don 't be…

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