Essay about Graduation Speech : My Senior Year

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Before the beginning of my senior year, I had no plan of furthering my education. I didn’t prepare for anything, from taking my SATS to looking in to colleges to even thinking about what I’d like to study. I wasn’t allowed to have a plan for my own future, so I didn’t waste my time in thinking about it, someone else had already determined it for me. For three years I was in an unhealthy relationship, where I had no control over anything, from the clothes that I wore, to the way that I replied to questions, to even what I would be doing after I graduated, which wasn’t going to be much. I was confined to forever being someone else’s puppet. Having an opinion over your life is a hard thing to do when someone won’t let you have a say in anything. Two months into my senior year something happened that made all the light bulbs in America flicker in my mind, it made me realize that this isn’t what I want, and this isn’t how my life should be. It was only through Miss Martino’s help that I saw this. She made me realize that you can’t always be worried about other people and their actions and what they want, sometimes you need to think about yourself and your future and be selfish about it. She made me take a step back and re evaluate each situation to what it really was, to make me see that things don’t always have to stay the same, even if you scared in changing them. I believe that there are people on this earth that were put here to help, and I think she is one of them.…

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