Graduation Speech : My Mentor Created A Kahoot Game Essay

768 Words Feb 26th, 2016 4 Pages
This week I attended four days of block. I did not attend Tuesday, because I for some reason failed to wake up. I do not need to go into detail about that since I already talked to you about it. On Monday I led the “thick and thin” question activity for the day, which I enjoyed doing. On Wednesday my mentor lectured and I observed, not too exciting happened that day. Thursday was our review for their test on Friday and I led the review game. My mentor created a Kahoot game which uses the internet and the student s have chrome books that they record their answers on. It was an interesting game I have never heard of before, but I would use it again since it was fun and the students love doing it. Friday the students were going to take their test, but it got pushed back to second period. Instead we went to the cafeteria where they filled out surveys about their interests, because they will soon be going on a “reality field trip.” I am still not exactly sure what this field trip really is or what it is about. While the students worked on their surveys my mentor and I went over my short mini unit that I will be teaching next week. That went very well and I only have to change a few minor details. I wouldn’t say I just learned this, but I really noticed today the power of the “teacher look.” While my mentor and I were finishing up our discussion another teacher walked the class back to the room and they were being loud and disruptive in the hall. The teacher who walked the…

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