Teacher Career Obstacles

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As a child I was different, I waited for the weekends to be over, since once the weekdays started I entered my favorite environment, the classroom. For my entire life I have wanted to be a teacher, I feel the order and success that the classroom promotes. My teachers taught me more than basic education, they taught me that it is a teachers role to help students learn to live in the real world, and obey the system that is put there for their benefit. My passion exploded when I was adopted by the vice-principle of the local middle school. I have been blessed to spend time with him and see the interworking’s of a school, and how they impact children’s lives in ways nobody else can do. Every day people of all ages speak to my father, and I see …show more content…
I do not view these obstacles as problems, instead, I see them as lessons.
One of the major obstacles of the teacher career path, in my opinion, is the need for life long education. A teacher that is not willing to always put in the effort to stay updated, and on top of modern education, should not consider this career path. Fields will advance, and standards will change, if teachers do not continue their own personal education, they will end up like another one of my teachers.
I had a teacher whose memory is not as helpful compared to most of my teachers, however, she still influenced me in broad and important ways. Every time I consider to not give my all in college, I think back to how this older high school teacher, is stuck in the last decade. She has a wonderful heart for children, and she takes her job seriously. These traits are only a piece of the puzzle, when she refused to use techniques that the textbook encouraged, in favor of the “old fashioned” way. Her motives were pure, but if she put in the time to compare techniques she could immediately understand that science progresses for the
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This gives me motivation to enjoy every class, since I know that it is another lesson that makes the lives of my students better.
The next area that needs to be addressed for all aspiring teachers, is the ability to show compassion and firm control of the classroom. I always wonder if my desire to help my students will keep me from giving the firm speech that propelled me into the career path I have chosen. This is why I believe few people have the ability to be a successful mentor, especially in the high school age.
Both of these aspects are needed to be an effective instructor in any environment, however, the greatest challenge between these two categories is the ability to continue my own education. The thought of 4 years of intense college work, only to look forward to a masters degree, and forever updating curriculum is intimidating. But that will not stop me from pursuing my

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