Career Project: Teaching Middle School

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Career Project: Teaching Middle School
Middle School teachers help to expand what students learned during elementary school into what they will need to know for high school. The grades you teach vary depending on which school district you work for. For example, some school districts will say that teaching middle school grades starting at fourth and ending at ninth, however the most common is grades six through eight. Just like how different school districts have different middle school grade levels, different states have different requirements to teach those grades. Although different states and school districts have different requirements for teaching, they all require their teachers to have a Bachelor 's degree; after a few years of teaching, some teachers will even go back to school to earn their Master 's degree.
Middle school teachers cover the information that students will need to know for high school while also taking
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I chose to pursue a teaching career for middle school because I feel that children are at that age where they are interested in everything. They want to know more than what they learned when they were in elementary school and that makes me excited for them. I remember when I was younger when I first told my parents that I wanted to become a teacher because my seventh grade math teacher had the greatest influence on me, and I remember them telling me that becoming a teacher would be a mistake because they didn’t make much money. To this very day, I believe that if you want to become a teacher it’s because you have a big heart and you’re not in it for the income but for the outcome. Hard work and determination will allow me to pay for the things that I want in life, such as my dream house, and children, vacations, cars, and more

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