Daycare Environment Essay

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Looking at the learning environment:
How does the environment within the practicum site support children to play learn and grow? How are these aspects of the program designed to nurture young children and support their learning through play?
Sunny Hill Development Centre Daycare environment caters to the the children 's independence and creativity. The centre has The center is open from 8am to 5pm throughout Monday to Friday.There is no set schedule that is followed throughout the day, other than a hollow skeleton of set snack times at roughly around 10:30am and around 4pm , lunch always at 12:00pm following nap time around 12:30pm to 2:45pm. In between these main transition periods the children have the freedom and choice
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with open hilly grassed area for children to play, that includes a wooden house that is located in the middle. Alongside the wooden house there is a swing set that is marked off for no use during the winter time unfortunately. Up above the grass area, the daycare has a covered sand box that is surrounded with large bushes and trees. Sunny Hill is privileged to have their own miniature garden that grows rosemary, tomatoes, zucchini and carrots when in season. The daycare being held within a hospital for children it 's very fitting that it is an inclusive program to all and accommodating to children with special needs that temporarily join in the fun as apart of their rehabilitation. The program nurtures confidence and an anti bias curriculum by having pictures of all the different types of families on a communal family tree. Children have the choice of either displaying their artwork or taking it home. Respecting the children 's opinions and desires fosters the children 's safety and trust with the program and educators. Overall the main component that nurtures the children to support their learning through play would be having a well designed space, that meets all developmental areas of …show more content…
Staff training is a known fact in our field to only provide positive benefits that reflect throughout the program but also the relationships with the child and families. The staff at my program are evidently all well trained, I noticed their great guidance skills, relationships with children and families but also with each other. They expressed how they attend workshops to maintain the knowledge to provide the best care for their children. Another indicator of quality child care that I noticed within my program was staff ratio and group size. I enjoy and see the value of having 3 staff members in ratio to 12 children. This allows an adult to respond to an individual child that is needing or wanting more attention or care. It also provides opportunity for the staff to build stronger relationships with the children by being able to play and interact hands on on the floor. I also loved how professional and regulated my center was with following policies and procedures that need to be or needed to be followed. For example documenting any injuries and informing the parents of all major and minor incidents that may have occurred throughout the day. Overall the staff and the program takes pride and sees the value in being vigilant and responsible in the

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