Essay on Graduation Speech : My Life

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For eighteen years, my life seemed stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but it was actually very easy. My only worries were school, homework, and friends. All of these things stressed me out and made me believe that my life was difficult. If someone had told me that my life was easy and was eventually going to get hard, I would not have believed that person. I did not think that there were more stressful things than having an essay due in three days or not knowing how to solve a math problem. I also had no idea of how a life filled with responsibilities would be like. I thought that now that I was going to be done with high school, life was going to be a new and exciting journey. I had no idea that I would soon face one of my greatest fears and that it would change my life forever.
One early Saturday morning, my mom and dad came into to my room and told me that we had to talk. As my parents got closer to me, their faces got more and more serious. They finally sat on my bed, right next to me and my dad said, “We’re leaving to Oregon a day after your party.” I did not know how to react, so for a whole minute there was an awkward silence. Then, I simply nodded. We would always leave to Oregon for two months after school ended, but this year I could not go because of summer school. For the past few months, I had been so focused on school and on my graduation that I did not remember it. After that day, the days seemed to fly like birds. Before I knew it, it was already my…

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