Personal Narrative Essay: The Death Of My Family

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A moment in my childhood that’s not necessarily a great one but one that I will remember forever. I will remember the awful feeling I had when I heard the news, and the feeling of nonbelief. The news that I had received was the passing of my father. I remember the day, that I had found out like it was yesterday. But the thing that still haunts me the most is that my family had moved from Kansas to California. My mom and dad were no longer together so we left him behind. When I heard that he had passed away all I could think of was, when was the last time I had actually seen him or spent time with him. “ You’re dad he’s been in an accident” uttered my mother. All I heard this night was that he had been in a car crash and had died. But that …show more content…
I lost my dad and my family lost their uncle,cousin,brother,and son. Many of my family members grieved for very long and some became depressed over his death. In my family I would like to say that our religion/culture is very god oriented and all my family did for the next months/ years after his death was pray and ask god so many unanswered questions. Even after his funeral I still had a difficult time believing that he was dead, that he was gone. Sometimes I feel like the day he died could have been prevented. And the reason for that is, one that I remember so very vividly, it was a wednesday afternoon and I was driving in the car with my mom and she mentioned that I should call my dad and tell him that I was going to start boxing classes, because he loved boxing and it would have made him excited and proud of me. But this day I told my mom “ohhh i’ll call him tomorrow” and as I chose not to call that same afternoon he crashed. In my head I sometimes I feel a little guilty and as if that was my chance to save him because what if that one phone call he picked up could have stopped him from driving or made even the slightest difference in his

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