Essay on Graduation Speech : My Best Friend At The Time

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I had a group of a friends where we believed we would remain close once we entered high school. Sadly, that’s not how things turned out, and we drifted apart. It all began in the middle of 8th grade, and I had a ton of friends. We were all so close and had always told each other that things wouldn’t change once we entered high school. Most of us had classes with each other, and the ones that didn’t, we would all meet up during lunch time. The past three years of middle school, we learned the difference between our friends and close friends.
The closest person to me was my best friend at the time Liz, and we were best friends since elementary school. We were inseparable, and high school was all we would talk about. We practically shared the same friends and we were fully aware that high school was something definitely new, yet scary. The plan was that she and I would continue hanging out together like we usually did the past years. She had introduced me new people who I automatically connected with and made me feel like I belonged there.
Our group was a mixture of kinds of people, we are acted differently, had different music taste, and even dressed differently from one another. We all connected in a way and to each other; it was like a second family. Eddie was the jokester of the group and always tried to bring smiles to everyone in the group. Shanna was a shy girl, but when you got her out of her comfort zone, she was so outgoing and very social. Nataly was the “social…

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