Marching Band Observation

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A lot of work goes into putting together a marching band show. The band has to learn and memorize all of the music while paying attention to dynamics, time signatures, and tempos. On top of all of this music, a band has to learn over forty different formations to march to on the field. Before any of this can happen there must be practice. We learn how to march at the beginning and we learn how to play our instruments early on. High school is similar to learning a marching band show. I started off freshman year learning the basics. Where to walk in the hallway and how long it takes you to walk across the school are just like learning how to march for the first time. As I progressed through high school things started to come more easily to me. …show more content…
I didn’t know many people, but I was told that I needed to work with these new people. I was trying to insert myself into friend groups that had already been set in stone for several years in middle school. However, I was able to find some very kind people who allowed me to befriend them. There were ups and downs with these friends, but I learned to appreciate the ones who would stick around through the tough times and help me out. Making new friends was made easier by the fact that I now had new friends from band camp. These people were there to look after me the first day and it was nice knowing I wasn’t completely alone. The classes I was taking weren’t very difficult, but I did have to get used to some new teachers and teaching styles. This all took time, but at the end of the year, I felt I had caught on. I felt like I was ready to take on the rest of the years here, just like how I felt at the end of the first day of band camp. I was ready for what was about to …show more content…
Almost four years at Liberty Benton and I can only hope I’ll leave behind a positive reputation. I’d love to be remembered at this school as someone who was a friend to everyone, someone with a positive attitude, and a generally good student. As the weeks go by I find myself setting more goals for my senior year. My main goal for this year is to maintain my GPA and get to be a valedictorian for our class. Another goal I have for senior year is to get accepted into college. Going to college has always been a goal of mine and I would love to see it becoming a reality. One last goal I have is to make friendships that I will want to continue on past high school. Friendship is incredibly important to me and making friends that are more than just friends in high school would mean a lot to me. Throughout my high school career, the Liberty Benton music department has helped shape the person I’ve become. Without the band I would have had a much harder time making friends and adjusting to a new school freshman year. I owe a lot of my confidence in leadership skills to my positions within the band. Throughout high school people in the band truly became some of my best friends. Without them I would not be the person I am today and without band I would have never met these people. Finishing out senior year may seem scary, but if I have the band marching behind me I can conquer

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