Graduation Speech : High School Students Essay examples

1465 Words Jan 27th, 2016 null Page
As high school students, we realize that we are quickly gliding through the rest of this school year we begin to look more in to the future and think about college. The thought can scare some people, and it may even excite some. No matter what you feel about college, if you choose to go to college you soon will be in a pool full of many different types of students. You will be classified by many, and your professors will easily be able to know what type of student you are. We may succumb to the stress and possibly break, but some may love the pressure and having to stay busy. No matter what, being a college student comes with the natural characterizations from the public eye. The first classification are the busy students who spend their whole time either working or studying and going to class. They can range from nerds to students skating by the skin of their teeth, but either way they are both staying busy by always having obligations continually through the week. Finding free time may be hard for this student, and the only time they could actually go out with their friends and do something is long after their day has concluded. By that time, most people are just too exhausted to even consider going back out. I could see myself being a busy college student. I think everyone should set their goals to be busy. I would hope mainly to be busy with my studies and dedicate myself to achieving good grades. I would like to change my ways from being the not so busy high…

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