Graduation Speech : Education And Education Essay

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Five years from now I will be 20 years old and plan to be 2 years into attending Trent University in Peterborough and half way through working for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, possibly sociology. With my average never going below an eighty I will be able to obtain at least a $4000 dollar scholarship which will help pay for tuition. It is easily obtainable to keep my average at this point or higher to keep my scholarship for future years. Not only are the scholarships ideal but both majors are great backgrounds for going into teaching as they will enable me to work more closely with the learning disabled. Currently I am taking Psychology and English courses in school to guarantee that I am prepared for the program and I’m volunteering with kids to increase my chances of getting into both this program and teachers college. As long as I continue volunteering with kids and keep my average up these programs are easily obtainable. At Trent I will either be living in residence or have a small apartment with friends in the area, I’ll walk wherever I need to go or take the bus to save money and in the summers I will work in daycares, as a tutor and volunteer in schools gaining all the experience I can. The combination of working in the summer plus a $4000 dollar scholarship suggests that I could get through university entirely debt free. At Trent I will not only be working towards my BA but I will be enjoying all university has to offer. Joining teams and clubs like the Trent…

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