Graduation Speech : College Students Essay

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In school, I wasn’t the top student and I didn’t get all A’s. I didn’t wear the Top Ten cords at the graduation ceremony. On my final report card I was 17/117 in my class. Yet I enrolled as an Honor Student in college. In the 21st century, people no longer are harassed for being smart or are pariahs for studying more than others. Although I didn’t study as much as others for tests and exams, I paid attention in class and sought help from classmates or worked alone if I didn’t understand something. I was one of the students who friends got angry at because I didn’t study or work as long as them and would get an equal grade or higher than they did. I cared about my grades and performance, but I never strived to have a 4.0 GPA or be valedictorian. People believe that to be an honors student, you have to work all the time and know every detail of the curriculum to get the grades. Many honors students do that. I, on the other hand, used memorization techniques in class to learn the material, did homework in study hall, and rarely touched schoolwork at home. If I had, I would have been in the Top Ten. To me, being an honors student isn’t about being the one who studies all night before a test or the one who asks the teacher a thousand questions until they get the answer. Being an honors student to me is using your mind to work through the problems yourself rather than only studying flashcards and words on a page. One thing people that always annoyed me in school was when I…

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