Graduation Speech : College Life Essay

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During the course of this class I have learned a lot about the college life and how different it is to high-school. In college everything is more fast-paced and the teacher require the student to be more responsible. When I complete two years at Mayland I plan to transfer to King University in Bristol, Tennessee to get my masters in business administration. I like this college because it reminds me a lot of Mountain Heritage in that the class sizes are not too large, and the overall campus size is small. This college is my main choice for transfer, however, I have looked at UNCA as a possible transfer option. I do not like UNCA as much as I do King University, because UNCA does not offer the specific major and concentration that I want to receive. I have not yet applied to King University because I plan to go to Mayland first, however, I have started the process of applying to Mayland. Since I am already in enrolled in Mayland part-time, all I must do is schedule an admissions appointment sometime in the spring. At this time I would begin Mayland in the fall of 2016 after graduation. I will have around 10 semester hours of college out of the way by the time I graduate high-school. That means that I will only be required to attend Mayland about a year and a half to receive my two-year degree.

As I have done research, I have found that King University is going to cost me around $35,000 a year. King University is more expensive than some colleges, but that is because it is a…

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