Graduation Speech : An English Class At The College Level Essay

2160 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
When I started this year off I had no idea how hard the curriculum actually was for an English class at the college level. This made my under-preparedness show in much of my early works and my understanding of upper level novels. Once into the class, I could see myself actually growing as a student in all aspects of school not just this class. Although my journey through this class has not been the easiest I have found the benefits of this higher level of thinking which allows for much brighter horizon in more advanced schooling and further into my career field of chose. Even though I may not have started out as strongly as I may have liked to I have found a place in the class and manage to continue to surprise myself with what I can produce when I put my mind to the task. My growth in this class has fostered my academic knowledge and the ability of me to think deeper on the subjects presented to me in every aspect of my life not just school; therefore, my growth has affected me in a positive way in by improving my writing, reading, and problem solving skills, as well as providing a stronger base to build upon likewise. These last ten months have been a struggle for me personally, life has not been easy and given that I need to find the time to complete all my school work, take care of my son, and work to support him has made it that much more difficult when I took it upon myself to enroll in Advanced Placement courses such as this one. I knew that the work of the classes…

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