Genelogy And Health Case Study: Cody Hoogerwerf

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Cody Hoogerwerf, resides in a one-story home in Menifee, California. He lives with his biological parents Mr. Scott and Mrs. Lisa Hoogerwerf, and older brother, Justin Hoogerwerf, who is 18 years old. Mrs. Hoogerwerf reports that Justin gets frustrated with his brother because he is not patient with him. Mrs. Hoogerwerf reports that Cody gets along with her and his father. Cody enjoys his movement room, Shriek and SpongeBob video’s, swinging, trampoline, shopping for more videos, Michael Jackson videos and Veggie tale’s music. According to mom certain Michael Jackson videos and a certain scene from Shriek, trigger stereotypy behaviors.


Cody is currently enrolled in the 10th grade at Temescal Canyon High School located in Lake Elsinore, CA. Cody is enrolled in a special education class from 7:30AM-2:20PM. Cody does have a 1:1 aide. He was reported to receive Speech Therapy, once a week for 30 minutes. Cody also receives Occupational therapy once a week for 30 minutes. Parent reported that Cody received behavioral services five years ago. Cody received behavioral services from age four to age 11. According to Mrs. Hoogerwerf, she and her husband decided to end services because Cody was getting too frustrated because he was bored and the therapist repeatedly said “Try again”.

Cody was reported to be in good overall health.
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Hoogerwerf, on September 9th, 2016, at their home. On this date the clinical team conducted an indirect functional assessment, which consisted of a parent interview and a review of ABA services in relation to Cody. The clinical team gathered information regarding Cody’s history (as outlined in the section above) and inquired about the challenges they encounter, including all behaviors that are of concern. Cody was not present during the

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