Gender And Sex Influences On Society Essay

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The ground zero marked the beginning of our period. So, there were nothing at the beginning and God appeared and created the sky, the Earth, water, mountains etc. He also created animals and humans to live on earth even though they live in the different environment to procreate and to populate the Earth. He also blessed man and a woman to be together and live in the advantageous position to dominate earth. Since then, men and nature became inseparable. even though, we all are the god’s creation with different sex as well as gender, we all are born free as well as equal in God’s eyes and according to his will. From the beginning until now, the mankind is divided in two different gender which Henslin defines as “The behaviors and attitudes that a society considerers proper for its males and females; masculinity or femininity”. Concerning the individual sex, Henslin defines it as the “Biological characteristics that distinguish females to males, consisting of primary and secondary sex characteristics”. both gender and sex influences people’s behavior in different way, and I will be talking and compare nurture and nature on people’s behavior to better explain these differences as well as the contrast between both. Each of these characteristics affect people life and may also have good effects as well as bad ones. so, it 's difficult to decide if people’s development is predisposed in their DNA, or most of them are influenced by their life experiences and their environment.…

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