Nature Vs. Nurture Impact An Individual In Adulthood

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How does Nature vs. Nurture Impact an Individual in their Adulthood?
Do you ever ask yourself why you may act like your mom or dad? It is simply the result of the early childhood environment. The environment and how children are raised plays an important role on the impact of a person in their adulthood. The nature vs. nurture controversy to understand how our personalities and traits are produced by our genes and biological factors, and how these traits are shaped by our environment, including our parents, peers, and culture.
What is nature vs. nurture? Nature versus nurture is biological and environmental beliefs or views on a situation or behavior. The natural characteristics of a person can either be similar or different to the unnatural
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As a child grows older, the child will always be watching every move their mother or father makes. In return, the child will mimic these behaviors by the process called, observational learning. For example, if an infant is not punished for doing a bad thing(s), such as pulling the dog 's tail or fighting over a toy, the infant will continue to do these bad things, assuming that it is the right thing because they are told no different. A child relies on a caregiver from the moment they are born. They must be tended to at all times with comfort so that they feel safe. Nature is responsible for the growth of a person from the time the fetus is formed until development into an adult. The genetic makeup of a human is responsible for their sex, skin color, eye color and hair as well as other features inherited. As research continues for true answers of the nature versus nurture controversy, “Examples of an extreme nature positions in psychology include Bowlby 's (1969) theory of attachment, which views the bond between mother and child as being an innate process that ensures survival” (Nature Nurture in Psychology). This example, among many, are the reasons why nature has a more significant role in an individual 's life though some may say "There is no behavior that is totally genetic. Everything has an environmental component."(The Surprising Effect of 'nature vs. Nurture ' on …show more content…
As mentioned previously, many children watch the doings of their caretakers and they tend to mimic those actions through observational learning. For instance, if a child is raised with a set of parents who do not show unconditional positive regard, or any comfort at that, and tend to consume alcohol on a regular basis, the child or teen would then mimic those actions in their later years because it is what they were raised around. On the other hand, the situation could have resulted in the exact opposite way. The child could have grown into a very responsible and successful human being who tires none other than to be the exact opposite of how their parents were in their childhood and how the mother and father acted toward them. When looking over the nature versus nurture controversy, there is overwhelming evidence that both genetic and environmental factors can influence traits and

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