Gay Marriage: Freedom To Love Who You Want

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Freedom to Love Who You Want Personally, I do not support gay marriage, but I have nothing against it either. I believe in equality, and freedom to do what you want. Homosexual couples should be allowed the right to marry because it is a violation of basic human rights to illegalize it, there are legal benefits to legalizing it, and there are many social and health benefits if it were legalized.
Legalizing gay marriage would correct the problem of violating human rights. According to the United Nation of Human rights, human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, and religious view, etc. The Constitution states that everybody has the right to the pursuit of happiness, and by denying gay couples the right to marry, you are also denying them the right to the pursuit of happiness. Everyone has the same
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Taking away someone’s right to sign a legal contract between them and the person they are in love with is a severe violation of human rights. Accepting gay marriage as a civil right does not affect the rights of those who are religiously and morally opposed to it. Straight couples have the right to do whatever they want, so why is it that gay couples cannot have all of those rights as well? It does not make sense to me that your orientation can determine what rights you have. It is just unfair, and messed up. Gay marriage should be legalized so that we can all have equal human rights. We are all human, and all deserve to be treated as equals. A marriage is a relationship between two people that love each other. Many couples want to get married not only for the recognition of the relationship from other people, but also so

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