Analysis Of Society's View On Gay Marriage

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(2) Society’s views on gay marriage is split in my opinion. Thankfully, society has progressed nd has become far more accepting on gay marriage than earlier years. However, there is still a large number of people who are still not accepting gay marriage. There are two sides, one that is for gay marriage and doesn’t mind if two people of the same sex get married, and one side that is completely against that concept. The side that is accepting of gay marriage usually do not care if two people of the same sex get married because it doesn’t concern them, nor is their business. For example, former classmates said it’s “none of their business” if any two people decide to get married. Additionally the many people on the side for gay marriage believe …show more content…
It’s split in my opinion. In earlier times, (especially during the time of segregation) interracial relationships where widely vilified and a majority of society was against it. Nowadays, society has become far more tolerant and accepting of interracial relationships. However, there are still two sides, one that doesn’t accept interracial relationships, and one that accepts them. The side that is accepting usually believe that everyone should he treated equally, and everyone should be given a chance to be happy. It shouldn’t matter who lpvd, as long as it is a happy relationship. Again, the side that is against interracial relationships, usually have religious background and have strong beliefs. For example, I have heard about girls who want to date boys who aren’t of their faith or race, and they know their parents would never approve because of their beliefs. Additionally, many people have an “old mindset” so to say, and believe it is “dirty” or again “unnatural” to date someone outside your race, faith, ect. Society has become more accepting, however, there is a long way to go before interracial relationship are accepted fully in

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