Free Tuition Is Worth It? Essays

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The writer 's purpose for this article is to explain the reader that free tuition does not exist. In this case, the writer has provided us with reasons to believe that free tuition is not a “thing.” Free tuition is apparently a great idea, but it is just a fantasy. The cost of a public college has increased outstandingly only in the last 40 years and it just keeps increasing with time. Therefore, this would be very expensive to accomplish and probably not having the expected results. Over time “free tuition” would affect more students than it would help.

The issue in this article is whether or not free tuition is worth it. We know it is a hard to accomplish. So, is the cost really worth the benefit, when the results are unpredictable? Because “making any good or service free would encourage people to waste it.” Hillary Clinton 's campaign “puts the 10-year price at roughly $450 billion” while The American Association of Colleges and Universities says it would be more like $520 billion. The cost of this would actually go to taxpayers, instead of going to students and their families. Buy, “ they are taxpayers too.” And students would eventually have to pay for it as they enter the workforce. They would have to pay even more taxes for their “free tuition.”

This issue requires reasoning for more than one point of view.There might be more options, but there’s mostly two sides in this argument. One, people who believe that free tuition has more pros than cons. This point of view…

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