Free College Tuition And The High Cost Of Canadian Education Essay

1036 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
Free College Tuition
In this world there are so many talented people who have the ability to take part of having an education yet it’s so devastating because many of these brilliant people end of being in the streets, being in gangs and selling drugs. Why do these people do this? It’s because of they want to end their worries and their financial anxiety. These people can’t afford to put their minds to use to become something because of the high cost of Canadian education. If Canada would make tuition free for all students it’d help students to concentrate on their studies and even make students determined to work more strongly in their learning.
Think about it for second, close your eyes and think that your future is you striving for money, just because you or your couldn’t afford the college tuition, regretting it every day, wishing you could’ve found some way to get a good education and well paying job . Today in our country it happens every day. According to the Canadian Statistics about 40% of Canadian families in our population have a low income which includes with children aged 5-24. Because of the lack of money these families aren’t able to pay for their children’s education after high school. The lack of money prevents students from achieving their career goals. So many students get exceptional grades, and worked so hard in school that they should be considered getting free tuitions. There are so many students who have the knowledge and ability to help solve issues…

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